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This product is a world breakthrough and is the first of its kind to be specifically developed for pigeons. So far there is no equivalent available for pigeons worldwide.

It combines two of the safest and most effective products available (Levamisole and Praziquantel) for the treatment of worms in pigeons. Levamisole is highly effective against Roundworm as well as Hairworm. Praziquantel is the gold standard treatment for Tapeworm in pigeons, but has never been available in a truly water- soluble formulation.

The patented Aviomed effervescent dispersal technology has finally succeeded in allowing a truly effective water soluble Praziquantel formulation. This world breakthrough has made it possible to make a truly effective Broad-spectrum water soluble dewormer available to pigeon fanciers. The product is completely safe and does not cause any “burn” of the feathers so it may even be used during the breeding season.


Recommended Use:
Add 5g (one heaped scoop (included)) to 100 ml of clean drinking water to prepare a stock solution. Wait for
effervescence in the stock solution to cease. Stir the stock solution lightly. Add the100 ml of stock solution to
900 ml of clean drinking water to make up the final treatment solution. Supply the Soluworm treatment
solution as the sole drinking water for 24 hours. If a heavy worm infestation is suspected it is recommended
that the treatment be repeated in 14 days. (This 100gram container is adequate to treat 200 pigeons)


Levamisole Hcl
In a special effervescent dispersal technology

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