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Secnidazole is currently by far the most effective product available for the treatment and prevention of Trichomoniasis.  It has a long-acting effect and has mini9mal side effects.  Ronidazole is faster acting but is excreted more quickly.  AvioNidazole combines Secnidazole with Ronidazole ensuring that the pigeon fancier has the best possible product available to prevent and treat resistant Trichomoniasis.


Recommended use:

For prevention – add AvioNidazole to drinking water for two days once before the racing season and for two days once in the middle of the racing season.  

For treatment of resistant strains of Trichomoniasis – add AvioNidazole to drinking water for 3 days.  Do not race pigeons withing 5 days of last treatment.



Pronidazole 15mg

Secnidazole 45mg

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