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The combination of the incredibly effective and safe pigeon specific nasal antiseptics, with natural vitamin C makes AvioNaze one of the top eye and nose drops available to the pigeon fancier.  By adding a unique membrane adherent and coating agent Aviomed has ensured that AvioNaze drops stay in the eyes and nose for an extended period of time thereby not only increasing its effectiveness but also reducing the irritant effect.  AvioNaze may be safely added to the eyes without any irritant effect to the membranes.  AvioNaze is a tremendous aid in the treatment and prevention of upper respiratory diseases in pigeons


Recommended use:

Drop one drop of AvioNaze into both eyes of pigeons just before basketing.  If the drops do not drain easily into the nose it is recommended to add one drop to each nostril. Repeat this treatment when pigeons return from the race.  AvioNaze must be dropped into both eyes and nostrils twice a day for 3 days as an aid in treating “one eye cold”.  It may be safely combined with AvioDox, Mycoban or Spiradox.



Pigeon specific nasal antiseptics

Natural Vitamin C

Membrane adhering agents

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