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Mycoban is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Mycoplasmosis.  Mycoban contains a special combination of the most effective antibiotics specifically developed for the treatment of resistant strains of Mycoplasma.  It is combined with specific vitamins that stimulate the immune system and improves racing performance.  It combines exceptionally well with Avio-Bromhexine, for amazing results.


Recommended use:

Treat all racing pigeons for 7 days continuously, at least 8 weeks before the racing season.  Eight weekly preventative treatments, for 3 days, during the season are advised.  It is strongly advised to alternated treatment with Spiradox.  Treatment must be extended to 7 days during outbreak disease.  Treat breeding pigeons for 7 days, at least 8 weeks prior the start of the breeding season.  Always combine with Bromhexine for the first 4 days of treatment.



A carefully selected combination of antimicrobials specifically developed for Mycoplasmosis, combined with vitamins.

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