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LS is a highly effective combination of two synergistic antibiotics specifically combined to treat resistant
Mycoplasmosis that does not respond to conventional products such as Tylosin . It is based on Lincomycin and
Spectinomycin that both reaches very high penetration in the lungs and sinus cavities of pigeons. Lincomycin
has an exceptionally good effect against the often found Gram positive secondary bacteria whilst
Spectinomycin due to its less common use is effective against the more resisitant Mycoplasma strains often
found lately. It combines exceptionally well with AvioBromhexine to ensure incredible clinical results.


Recommended Use:
Treat all racing pigeons for 7 days continuously when clinical symptoms of Mycoplasmosis is seen or when the
disease has been diagnosed. Mid season preventative treatment for 3 days, during the season is advised. It is
strongly advised to alternate treatment with AvioMycoban. Always combine with Bromhexine for the full
treatment period.


Lincomycin 33.3% m/m
Spectinomycin 66.7% m/m

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