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Energy has been specifically developed to take to physiology of Energy metabolism of pigeons into account.  Pigeons and birds store their energy as fat in the liver unlike humans.  It is thus not advisable to do carb-loading in pigeons.  L-Carnitine has been proven to be critically important in the energy metabolism.  When supplementing with L-Carnitine the fat content of the diet needs to be increased from the normal 7-9% to 11-14%.  Pigeons also need the best source of high-quality proteins that will not overextend the kidneys to balance their nutrient requirements during flight.  Energy makes this possible by supplying incredibly high-quality stable plant and animal fat beads and the best source of protein via whey powder in an easy to apply form.  The unique Energy formulation ensures that the fats do not go rancid and that it is incredibly simple to apply to corn just before feeding thereby ensuring that the fats may be kept in a cool place until needed.


Recommended use:

Always combine with Wingspeed.  The combination of Wingspeed and Energy should be added to the pigeons’ food the full day before basketing and the morning of basketing during shorter races (Friday basketing) and for two full days before basketing and the morning of basketing during longer races (Thursday basketing).  By adding the recommended amount to the food, the fat content of the diet is increased by 4%.



Stabilised high-quality plant and animal fat beads along with top quality New Zealand whey protein in AvioGel.

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