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AvioCox is a true broad-spectrum antimicrobial.  It combines Suphadimethoxine, the safest and most effective Sulphonamide, with the purest and most potent water-soluble high dose Trimethoprim. Suphadimethoxine is one of the newer, safer and more effective Sulphas that is ideal for the treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis.  At the high dose inclusion of Trimethoprim found in this product, it has been proven to be very effective against Salmonella (Paratyphoid) and E. coli.  The combination of Trimethoprim and Sulphas are well known to act synergistically to increase its spectrum against bacteria.  AvioCox is thus also highly suitable for the treatment of other bacteria especially those found in the Intestinal tract.  AvioCox is the ideal product to use when treating “Young Bird Disease”.


Recommended use:

AvioCox should be used once every eight weeks during the racing season as a preventative treatment against Coccidiosis.  It should be alternated with Avio-Coxiworm to prevent resistance.  Breading pigeons and babies should be treated every eight weeks preventatively until moulting season starts.



Suphadimethoxine 12.5%m/m

Trimethoprim 20%m/m

Dextrose qs 100% m/m

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