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The launch of Candi-Statin is the culmination of many years’ research into the natural treatment of Candidiasis (Thrush).  Researchers all over the world have been working to find a natural cure for the ever-present Candida.  Resistance to Nystatin – the mainstay drug against Candida has increased rapidly and often products containing this drug is no longer effective.  Other stronger and newer chemical drugs such as Fluconazole have severe side effects and cause liver damage and should be avoided.  By combining the 5 proven natural Candida suppressive elements found in nature in a specific formulation, Aviomed has made an incredible scientific breakthrough in the natural prevention and treatment of Candidiasis.  Candi-Statin is formulated to be added over the food in a special slow-release gel-based formulation.  It is perfectly safe for use during all periods of racing or showing and may also be used during the breeding and moulting season.


Recommended use:

Use 7 days continuously as a natural treatment against Candida infections.  In cases where re-infection with Candida is prevalent it may be used once or twice a week as a preventative measure.  Candi-Statin may be combined safely and effectively with Nystatin containing products as well as with any other medications.  The use of Candi-Statin during the racing season has been proven to improve racing performance where Candida is present.



A proprietary blend of Caprylic Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin A and Nicotinamide.

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